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Seattle, take part in a movement to speed up research.

Bloodworks Northwest is a proud partner of the All of Us Research Program.

Join Us
Join over 700,000 people and counting

Seattle, join over 700,000 people and counting.

All of Us is a research program by the National Institutes of Health. The program is inviting one million people across the U.S. to share their health information. The goal is to help speed up and improve health research. Researchers may use some of the information collected at Bloodworks Northwest to conduct thousands of studies. They may find ways to prevent certain diseases.

I want to learn more

Here’s how it works:

Step 1
Join All of Us
  • Create an account
  • Complete the consents and surveys online
  • If you would like in-person help enrolling, our staff can assist you
Step 2
Visit us at Bloodworks Northwest
  • Share physical measurements
  • Provide blood & urine samples *Please note there may be additional requirements to donate samples
Image of CEO Curt Bailey sitting down

Due to a history of systemic injustice in health care, medical outcomes for people of color are often worse than for white patients. We have a local opportunity to change this on a national scale.

By donating blood to the All of Us Research Program, you’re helping to advance health discoveries for all of us in the future while saving lives now. I’m excited to take part in this historic research effort.

Meet our partners

The All of Us Research Program partners with leading institutions, organizations, community partners, and participant representatives across the country. Our partnerships include:

Active Minds
Bloodworks Northwest
Mayo Clinic
Scripps Research Translational Institute
Active Minds
Bloodworks Northwest
Mayo Clinic
Scripps Research Translational Institute

Contact Bloodworks Northwest

We’re here to help!

Your privacy is important to us. For security, please do not include any personal information (address, social security number, or health details) in your email or chat messages.