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Genomics and Your DNA Updates

When you join All of Us, we will ask if you will let researchers study your DNA. If you agree and provide blood or saliva, we will analyze the DNA in the samples. If you want to learn about your DNA, we can give your DNA results to you. Learn more about our progress returning DNA results to participants.

We are proud to announce that the All of Us Research Program has started returning health-related DNA results to participants! This is a big milestone for All of Us. We appreciate…
The All of Us Research Program is planning to start sharing health-related DNA results with participants in the near future. A key player in this process is a trained professional: a genetic…
We’re getting closer to returning health-related DNA results to participants. As we promised, we’re sharing more information with you so you know what to expect when we’re ready. In this month’s…
Today, on National DNA Day, we are taking a moment to thank and celebrate you—the nearly 500,000 people from across the country who have joined the All of Us Research Program. You are all…
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